Samsung Phones Receive the Android Security Update


The new Android security update arrives at Samsung Galaxy A7 and J3 phones. Both handset series are getting new firmware in addition to PNG and 12 other security bug fixes.

Enhanced security is not the main aim of enrolling new updates for Samsung phones. However, handset owners are getting a great opportunity to forget about their PNG security bug that has proved to be critical.

The new update eliminates the error and delivers 12 more fixes out of the box to deal with other vulnerable issues. In the whole, the company expects to fix 42 bugs including 5 critical malfunctions that were to the detriment of the digital security as well.

According to the available information, the updates are arriving in two Samsung handset series. The Galaxy J3 is getting the security update in February. The firmware version number is as follows: J330LKLU1BSA3.

As for the Galaxy A7, the smartphone will also get the update in the nearest future although it will be available for Spanish users only. At least for now. You can check the firmware version number as well. It is A750FNXXU1ASA4. Users, who live in particular regions, will be notified as soon as the new update is available or check them manually using their phone settings and Search for Updates function.

There is no doubt the new security package is essential for all Samsung users. However, the major reason for downloading it is the ability to get rid of the PNG security bug once and for all. The main problem around the bug was the fact that it reserved some space for hackers to seed malware by sending simple PNG images. Once a user has opened the image, the exploit is automatically triggered o wrack havoc. We do hope the problem will never occur again.