Don’t Miss the Release of new Galaxy Phones on the Unpacked Event


The big day has arrived! Taking place on February 20, the Samsung Unpacked event is highly anticipated with mobile users across the globe. Our mission t to prevent you from missing the release of various devices including the Galaxy S10 flagship and some of the new gen smartphones including Galaxy X.

The event will take place in San Francisco at 11 a. m. We do hope you had a good sleep It’s high time you had a cup of coffee and got ready to see the show. Here are some links that will let you stay in touch even if you cannot make it visit the event personally. We make sure no one of our reads will miss it.

Lay back and see all the latest Samsung releases with your own eye live via:

Feel free to stay tuned when following the South Korean official tweeter page dedicated to one of the most anticipated events in the mobile field.

Do not forget to check our website, as we are going to provide all the highlights from the Unpacked release in real time.