S10+ Camera Gets in the Top List by DxOMark Ranking


The Unpacked event has introduced some of the most anticipated Samsung devices as well as its new-gen Galaxy S10 flagship. Its premium S10+ version has already made its way to the top of some prestigious rankings.Its advanced camera has put such rivals as Huawei Mate 20 Pro according to DxOMark ranking. Let's have a closer look at the insights.

The new handset boasts overwhelming camera technology that made it possible for the phone to score 96 points for its selfie capabilities in addition to the wider tonal range and some other crucial advantages of compared to the main competitors in the niche. 97 points also look like a pretty high score for videos.

While most of the consumers only wait for their chance to try some of the Galaxy S10+ features, experts from DxOMark have already tested technologies and options delivered by the new flagship. The company regularly publishes technological rankings and detailed reviews of new devices to highlight their weak and strong sides. They simply could not miss testing S10+ handset with its dual selfie camera as well as some other viewing capabilities.

The overall result appeared to be pretty good. The phone managed to score 109 overall points, which put it next to the main competitor in the face of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The tests proved that Samsung's new flagship is very good at capturing great colors. It also works fine when it comes to exposure in the bright and sharp light. At the same time, flexible settings will let users take the fullest from overwhelming shots even in shadows.

Wider tonal range appeared to be one of the crucial advantages delivered by the camera. However, Galaxy S10+ picture quality appeared to be a bit dull when it came to indoor shooting experience as well as photos in low light. As a result, the objects come less detailed on the pictures. The problem can be solved with the help of the phone's autofocus feature resulting in sharper quality and textures that are more detailed. The dynamic range was pretty good.

As the result, Galaxy S10+ scored 109 overall points for its camera capabilities. They include 96 points for its dual selfie camera in addition to 97 points for videos. The camera boasts an effective noise reduction feature and can deliver pleasant coloring rendering despite the shooting environment and light levels.