Samsung First 512GB eUFS 3.0 gets into Mass Production


It seems like the South Korean manufacturer is planning to double its smartphone storage speed. The company has officially released its first ever 512GB eUFS 3.0 that will get into mass production in the nearest future.

512GB eUFS 3.0 appears to be the next-gen memory storage technology developed by the leading producer of electronic devices. eUFS 3.0 stands for embedded Universal Flash Storage with 512 gigabytes of storage capacity. They say that all Samsung smartphone models can receive the latest technology in the nearest future. It is expected to provide twice faster speed if compared with the previous eUFS versions and deliver award-winning viewing experience despite the screen resolution and dimensions.

The previous UFS interface developed by Samsung made its debut in January 2015. It was a revolutionary introduction at that time. The new technologies were able to deliver 1.4-time higher speed if compared with standard memory solutions used before. Four years have passed since those times.

Samsung introduces its latest version of the eUFS 3.0 storage upgrade that will be a good match for large handsets with ultra-large screens as well as ultra-slim laptops. The technology boasts an integrated controller that ensures higher performance blended with 5th gen 512GB V-NAND die. If everything runs smoothly, Samsung devices will be capable to reach a revolutionary high read rate up to 2100MB/s.

In other words, we have a blazing read solution that is 4 times faster if compared to SATA SSD units. Moreover, the new technologies will a 20-times faster blazing read rate if compared to traditional microSD cards. To make the things look simpler, it will take you not more than 3 seconds to transfer a Full HD movie form your mobile device to a PC.

The main mission was to significantly increase the rate of random write and read speed that is 36% higher if compared with the previous 2.1 version and 630 times if compared to microSD capabilities. The new technology also adds more power making it easy for users to run several operations at the same time without the speed loss. The new storage technology will be available in 512 and 128GB versions. Both are expected to be launch in February. The South Korean manufacturer is also heard to work in its eUFS 3.0 1TB and 256GB versions to provide the full-scale lineup of memory storage facilities for the whole range of its mobile devices.