50% of All IoT Applications Are Still Vulnerable


While the world keeps going mobile implementing latest IoT ad AR-based technologies, connected devices are still far from being 100% safe. The latest research unveils more than half of all connected device apps to be extremely vulnerable in terms of hacker attacks and frauds.

It seems like IoT developers are mainly focused on t features they provide, while digital security means come second. Well, it is hardly a matter to be an afterthought.

The main problem results in a rush and tough competition between IoT companies although the Internet of Things market is relatively new, while app development has already been for a while.

A group of experts included 5 independent scientists and developers. They have tested 96 different connected devices. The result of their studies revealed that 31% of IoT-based applications do not even have proper encryption while 19% use hardcoded keys that hackers find extremely easy to discover.

The result of the research looks horrifying. About half of all IoT applications we use in real life are extremely vulnerable. 50% of apps are easy to exploit. To make the things clearer, imagine that you have a Smart Home system. You can’t be sure all connected devices have at least 50% of all digital security means required.

We do hope IoT developers and producers will resolve the issue in the nearest future considering a growing demand of AR-based devices and the Internet of Things in general. One would unlikely appreciate being observed under a microscope by third parties.