Google “Instant Tethering” Feature to Reach 15 Chromebooks and 30 Android phones


The company has announced “Instant Tethering” feature expenditure making it available in 15 more Chromebooks as well as 30 smartphones powered by Android.

Google has been testing its new feature over the last several weeks. The tests resulted in the feature expenditure behind the Chrome flag. The main idea of the function is to provide a flexible Internet functionality. From now, users can share an Internet connection between several devices. The feature ensures a single-lick activation with the help of the mobile-data hotspot located on the sharing device.

The “Instant Tethering” feature is not new for Chrome users. However, it was available to a limited number of devices including some of the Chromebooks and Android phones. Today, it will work for a bigger number of handsets and smartbooks. Nexus 6 will be among the first devices to receive the newly expanded feature.

The function will have an automatic switch-off mode. It will automatically turn off the hotspot if the Internet connection is not used for more than 10 minutes. The list of new smartphones and laptops to get the new feature includes Samsung Android phones in addition to HTC, Motorola and some other handset producers. As for smartbooks, the list includes Dell, HP, Acer and Samsung Chromebooks.