Everything We Know about Galaxy S10 Bitcoin Wallet


Although Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S10 has already been unpacked, there was little information about its BTC wallet functionality. The company has finally unveiled some more information about the feature that has all chances to become the cryptocurrency mainstream.

Some new facts about the Galaxy S10 BTC wallet leaked during the MWC event taking place in Barcelona. The Samsung officials have confirmed the feature and stated it will support not only BTC, but also Etherium, Enjin, and Cosmee. Moreover, the wallet will get integration capabilities to work with other cryptocurrency apps.

The integration of the cryptocurrency is obviously the major feature that puts all other Samsung devices aside including the flagship's predecessor Galaxy S9.the part from being the most hyped device today thanks to the upgraded camera and bigger screen sizes, Galaxy S10 has all chances to become the mainstream payment device considering its flexibility delivered by Google Pay and BTC wallet.

At the same time, the feature will make it possible for Samsung to compete with other handset manufacturers and their devices that already have the cryptocurrency storage and payment capabilities. They include HTC Exodus 1, Sirin Finney, and some others.

Experts believe that such an approach made by leading mobile producers will result in a faster cryptocurrency integration and popularization. new handsets along with Galaxy S10 will make it easier for users to spend or trade the digital currency effortlessly on daily basis. Apart from growing into a modern trend, it might also become the dominating force on the financial market.