Fans of Samsung devices are impatiently waiting for new Smartphones from a Korean company, they will have to be fresh Galaxy J4 and J7 that will see the world at the end of 2018.

Both Smartphones got Wi-Fi certification at the beginning of April, it means that they will be launched really soon. Bluetooth certification contains the name of a device- 2018 Galaxy J4. It seems that a Korean giant will put a year in a name of the future handset.

Galaxy J4 receives Bluetooth certification

Samsung will probably write a year of release on the smartphone boxes. We will have a chance to test Galaxy J4 and J6 in 2018 and then, maybe new J4 and J6 will see the world in 2019.

Galaxy J4 will have a processor Exynos 7570, Random Access Memory 2 GB, and will run Oreo 8.0 out from a box. A display is going to be 5.5 inches. No more info about camera specifications and the capacity of a battery.

It is a pity but it is not clear how Samsung will name its future Smartphones. Other specifications of devices are unknown too. But there are no doubts that Galaxy lineup will grow and will include more interesting and unique handsets. Let’s hope to know more details about Galaxy J6 and J4 in the nearest future because their launching has to be really soon.

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