fresh update of firmware for smartphone galaxy s9

Yesterday Galaxy S9+ got a fresh firmware update. It is not a major update, because a device runs Android 8.0 Oreo right from a box and there were no big updates of a platform till now.

Fresh Update of Firmware for Galaxy S9+

Samsung provided an update of firmware for the new Galaxy S9+. At first, it appeared in Germany and was launched over the air. There are no doubts that it will be available in other markets in the nearest future.

An update is not heavy, only around 300 MB. A changelog is not long and informs that a fresh update will improve the stability of calls and wallpapers on a Smartphone. More than that, an update of the software will guarantee device stability and better performance. Don’t worry if the temperature of your Galaxy S9+ temporarily increases during the Download. It is a normal process while downloading data. To get the best from your Smartphone, don’t forget to regularly check for updates of software.

You will not find the March security update in a changelog. A Korean giant has already provided the last release of security maintenance for flagships Galaxy S9 and S9+.

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