galaxy s10 will come with the pre applied screen protector

The latest Samsung flagship is heard to be shipped along with pre-applied screen protectors. However, the warranty will not cover them. Users will also be able to buy them separately. The price tag is rumored to be about $30.

Galaxy S10 phone introduction is a huge step forward for the Korean manufacturer and the entire mobile industry. However, apart from numerous upgrades and latest technologies implemented in the handset, the company seems still to rely on third-party producers when it comes to screen protectors. On the one hand, the new phone will be shipped with the pre-applied screen protector developed by Samsung. On the other hand, it will not be covered by the warranty.

The main problem is related to its fingertip sensor that can lose its capabilities in case a new layer is applied to the screen. It can fail to read users' fingers in addition to some other critical technical issues. In order to solve the problem, Samsung will deliver its handsets with protectors that have a cutout to provide seamless access to the scanner. It was initially available with a 3-month warranty, but for some reason, it was expired.

As for other accessories that come together with the package, they will be covered by the 1-year warranty. the accessories mainly include AKG headphones, a USB connector, and Travel Adaptor.

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