oreo for galaxy s7 april 2018

Owners of Galaxy S7 are impatiently waiting for an update that will bring Oreo 8.0. It has to happen in the nearest future, but if to trust an official site of a Korean giant, a fresh update will not appear earlier than one month. So, cross fingers and wait till the middle of May.

Release of Oreo for S7

It is known that Verizon, one of the biggest carriers provided an update for Galaxy S7. It happened two or three days ago. Verizon informed the support page for the Smartphone that Oreo was finally rolled out. A lot of users didn’t waste time and downloaded a fresh firmware update on their devices. It was mentioned that it didn’t provide Oreo. All devices were still running Nougat.

Guncelmiyiz is a site where Samsung informs about the latest updates on the Turkish market. Info on the website helps to understand when the rest of the markets will get such desired updates. A site was updated and now it shows a new schedule where everyone can find information that Oreo for Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released only in the middle of May.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed an official date of Oreo release for this handset, so there is a chance that the date may change again.

Of course, it is high time to provide an update for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, because even such a device as A5 has already received a new update. Owners of S7 Smartphones are counting the days till an update and hope that it will finally arrive.

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