samsung galaxy s10 vs iphone xs defining the winner

The eternal battle between the top two mobile device manufacturers never ends. Samsung and Apple struggle to conquer the global mobile market. Both companies never stop competing when it comes to introducing top-notch handsets packed with advanced technological features. However, this time the South Korean manufacturer has made a huge step forward after unveiling its latest flagship to show who the big boss is.

Galaxy S10 series showcase three baseline devices that are expected to fight back the latest iPhone range. The lineup comes with three handsets introducing the entry-level S10e handset, a baseline hone modification in the face of the S10 version, and premium S10+. They are a bit different when it comes to screen size, specifications, and extra features. In this review, we will consider the baseline Galaxy S10 model to oppose the iPhone XS.

Launched 6 months ago, the smartphone became Apple’s flagship giving Samsung the edge to introduce a top-notch handset of its own.

Today, we will have a closer look at how two major mobile devices match up when they are reviewed side by side. We will compare and contrast some of the fundamental features including:

Camera functionality.
Technical characteristics.
Special features.
Let’s get it on!

Galaxy S10 Display vs iPhone XS Screen

We are not considering the entry-level of advanced handset modifications. If speaking about the standard models presented by both of today’s rivals, they both have displays of almost the same size. Galaxy S10 boasts a slightly larger 6.1-inch screen if compared to Apple’s 5.8-inch display.

Both companies made a huge step forward resenting handsets with significantly bigger sizes if compared to their previous versions as well as models delivered by other rivals from the niche. On the one hand, the feature ensures great quality pictures in addition to the latest viewing technologies.

On the other hand, we can hardly say both of the devices have compact sizes. It seems like compact high-end handsets are still to arrive if not taking into account Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact or iPhone SE.

Comparing Camera Functionality of Samsung Galaxy S10 VS iPhone XS

iPhone XS boasts a better camera technology if compared to its previous X version. The handset comes with a 12MP dual-lens camera. This is actually it for Apple’s flagship. As for Samsung Galaxy S10, it seems to offer improved technologies featuring the same 12-megapixel camera though with an ultra-wide lens blended with the telephoto lens. This fact puts the South Korean manufacturer on top in terms of camera capabilities.

Performance and Storage on Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS

Both handsets are great when it comes to performance. They are powered by powerful chipsets that ensure smooth operation and multitasking. The Galaxy S10 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 under the hood to work with several applications simultaneously. iPhone’s A12 Bionic has also proved to work pretty well.

However, the situation changes immediately when we approach other technical specs and internal storage in particular. Samsung offers more flexibility to its users with the ability to boost it to whopping 1TB. Both models initially come with 512GB of storage. Unfortunately for Apple fans, iPhone XS does not have expanding capabilities, while Galaxy S10 makes it easy to boost the internal storage by 512MB.

Battery Capacity Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS

We know that the Samsung flagship has a battery of 3,400mAh to handle daily tasks. It is hard to say how good it is, as we cannot evaluate the average handset load. At least, users have access to battery specs, while Apple has not disclosed any details regarding the battery that powers its XS flagship.

Both contestants have the award-winning wireless charging feature. But, once again, Samsung has gone a bit further with the introduction of its reverse wireless charging capabilities. In other words, you can use your handset to charge other devices that support the connectivity.

Additional Features and Pricing for Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS

As for special features that might appear to be defined for the end-user, Galaxy S10 looks more packed considering its fingertip sensor, Bitcoin wallet, Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 system. This fact also results in the end price for consumers. The baseline version with 128GB of storage starts from £799. If it is not enough you can opt for a 512MB handset costing £999.

iPhone XS prices start from £999 for the baseline version. In other words, Apple’s flagship is still more expensive although it has fewer features and is 6 months older.

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