It seems that Samsung has an interesting habit to provide security patches for middle-class devices first and only then to its flagships. Maybe, that’s why a company released an update with the fresh security patch for Galaxy J7 Prime and A8. An update for A8 is available on the Russian market and for J7 Prime in Sri Lanka.

A fresh update provides not only a new security patch for A8 but some new features like improving the touch sensitivity of a Smartphone display ( to do it just go to Settings and then to menu Advanced Features) and better stability of a camera. Everyone is waiting for an update for Galaxy A8+n in the nearest future.

A Fresh security patch that is included in an update provides corrections of seven vulnerabilities in the Android system and eight problems in Samsungs software. There are also fixes for vulnerabilities of medium and low levels of risk. In common a fresh update will definitely guarantee a higher level of security for your device.

Owners will receive a notification about an update, but if you are an impatient user, you can download it manually. Just go to Settings and then to menu Software Update.

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