useful features of an edge screen on galaxy s6

When a Korean giant released Galaxy S6 with the dual-curve screen, clients were a little bit skeptical about a new device and the utility of the new feature. At first, an Edge Screen on Samsung Galaxy S6 was not really functional, but after three years of updating, a Korean company added some interesting features.

Edge screen became more useful thanks to numerous updates

Today, everyone can use an Edge Screen to make screenshots, GIFs, to activate such tasks as going to a selfie camera, have a look at your reminder that is in Bixby, and many others. More than that, users can have an access to their number one application and contacts. The Edge screen is working from anywhere in the smartphone interface.

Earlier, not so many owners of Galaxy S6 used features of an Edge Screen, only some of them took advantage of fast access to different info and actions. Several years passed and now, more and more clients start using an Edge Screen and its advantages. Probably there will be more fans of an Edge screen in the future because it became really functional.

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