All about Milk Music App

All about Milk Music App


If you can’t live even a day without listening to favorite songs, then you probably know a lot about various music applications. Samsung milk music app was one of the most popular applications for music fans.

Milk music was powered by Slacker, it was a free service for streaming music. An application appeared in 2014 and was created to compete with the most popular radio services.

Milk music could be installed on Samsung devices. To know if your Smartphone was compatible with Samsung milk music application, it was necessary to go to the support website and to find a list of Samsung devices.

Milk radio proposed more than 200 radio stations that were programmed by the best music experts. So, all fans of songs could open milk music and enjoy their favorite compositions.

The interface of an application was fast and flexible. The song catalogue consisted of 15 genres, where it was possible to find everything starting from jazz music to hard Rock. More than that, each genre was divided into more stations, there were about 20 stations of pop music, 9 stations of jazz and 24 of Rock.

To download the milk application, it was necessary to go to Google Play store. If a person owned iPhone device, he could listen to Milk music only on a computer using Samsung account.

Samsung milk was free application that worked on Galaxy devices, smart watches and tablets.

An application had some advantages:

  • It allowed to skip undesired songs
  • There were no advertisements
  • It was possible to listen to favorite songs even without an internet connection
  • Sleep timer allowed to pause milk music app
  • Was available for such browsers as Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Samsung Company announced that they were going to close the service in 2016. An application was shut down on 22 September 2016. They proposed to use another popular streaming radio service named Slacker, it was also powered by Milk.

There are some other alternatives to Milk music that can be used on Samsung devices.

List of milk music alternatives:

  • Slacker radio
  • Pandora radio
  • Spotify

Slacker radio is an application created for Androids. There is no need to have a subscription, it allows listening to music for free. Just install Slacker radio and enjoy one of 200 popular radio stations on your device. Slacker radio is a great choice if you miss Milk Music by Samsung.

Pandora radio is one of the most popular applications. It is free to install. Pandora radio works really great and allows listening to favorite songs anywhere and anytime.

Spotify application can be a good alternative to Milk music fans. Use a free version and listen to the best songs. There is a possibility to purchase the Premium Spotify, where will not be any advertisements.