Easy Typing with Samsung Keyboard

Easy Typing with Samsung Keyboard


If you wish to make typing faster and more convenient, then think about downloading the Samsung keyboard application.It supports more than 80 languages, the most frequently used are: English, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Ukrainian and Arabic.

This keyboard application has a lot of useful, interesting functions.

  1. Smart typing.An application learns how a person types and proposes definite words or combinations that are widely used. It helps to reveal typos and proposes right variants.
  2. Text shortcuts. This function makes shortcuts for some words and their combinations that are frequently used. Just type shortcut and choose a text from the window of recommendations, necessary text information will be printed.
  3. Switching input language. To change a language, just swipe a spacebar right of left.
  4. An application proposes various methods of input. They are :
    • Input with the help of voice.
    • Clipboard. It is possible to paste a message or text that was saved on clipboard.
    • It is possible to input words or definite phrases and control a cursor, just perform gestures that appear on a screen.

5. Symbol list. Keyboard application can save the most repeatedly used symbols in the Symbol list.
6. Keyboard size. Create a keyboard of desired size and add Alternative characters, number keys by your wish.
7. People who have low vision will feel comfortable using Samsung keyboard, because it is a high contrast one.
8. Great choice of emojis. They will add more fun and will help to show your personality. The choice is really big, more than 3000 units.

It is possible to download Samsung keyboard themes application; it will help to change color of the keyboard. Enjoy the most colorful shades on the display and typing will be really fun and pleasant.

Those who don’t know how to turn off keyboard sound on Samsung, should go to Settings app on the screen and select on sound, then it is necessary to uncheck Screen lock sound.

If you don’t need an application, you can disable Samsung keyboard. To do it, go to app drawer or to application manager.

The process of Samsung keyboard update is quite simple too. It is necessary to tap on application, then go to Play store and Find ‘Samsung Keyboard’. Enjoy the latest version on the favorite mobile device.

In case you want to reset keyboard dictionary, go to ‘Settings’ – find language and input-choose the Gear icon near Samsung keyboard- tap on Predictive text-go down and choose Clear Personal data. A dictionary will be reset. Enjoy to the fullest typing on your smart device.