Everything about Group Texts

Everything about Group Texts


Messages are a popular kind of communication, especially among young generation. Sometimes, it happens that you have to send important information to several people.You have to know how to create a group text.

It is really easy to send group texts, if you have IPhone device. Users of Android mobile phones didn’t have such an opportunity for a long time. Sending messages on Android phones is a little bit more complicated.

If you wish to know how to send a group text, read following steps. To send a group text on Android, you have to convert it into MMS.

  1. Create a group, you are going to send messages to.It is an important step, if you plan sending some information to friends of family members regularly. Choose Contacts on a Home screen of your device.
  2. Select a tab- Groups. Write a name of a group. To finish the process of creation, tap Save.
  3. The next step will be to include people to a group. Tap Add contacts. You will see a list of contacts, select people, you wish to see in a group.
  4. A group is created and it is a high time to send text messages. Open a Messaging App , choose a created group, write desired message and send it.

There are a lot of group text android applications, that are easy to use and allow to send more than 500 messages in one go.To find the best one, go to Google Play.

If you are tired to get some text notifications on your mobile device and don’t know how to get out of a group text, follow next steps (they work for Google Hangouts and texting Application Android Messages).

  1. An easiest way to get out of a group text is to ask a person who created a group, to remove you from it.
  2. Another variant is to find a group, you wish to leave. Then tap three dots in the top of a phone screen. Select- People and Options.Find Notifications-choose turn off notifications from a definite group.
  3. So, if you didn’t know how to leave a group text message and it was a real problem for you, now you can easily do it.

People chat not only with the help of SMS, some prefer using WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

To leave a group on Facebook Messenger go to IOS application, tap a name of a group and select Leave Group. Owners of Android devices, tap an icon of I in a circle and tap three dots, only then choose Leave a Group.

Users of WhatsApp can stop receiving messages by tapping on subject, then select Mute.