How to Disable Emergency Call on Android Devices

How to Disable Emergency Call on Android Devices


The Emergency call function is quite useful and important thing if you’re in trouble and don’t have time to enter the password to unlock the phone and dial the number. However, while you are far from potential risks the button can cause some problems. For example, your kid plays with the phone and accidentally presses the emergency button, or you put the device in a back pocket and make a call. The other annoying thing about Emergency call button is its placement. The developers place it in the center of the screen or too close to Home button, and you can accidentally press it while using the phone. If these situations are common for you, we have several tips that will help you to disable the mentioned function.

Well, you might know that Android devices don’t possess such an option. Nevertheless, we will teach you how to remove Emergency call from lock screen. We offer two different ways that can be applied to rooted and non-rooted devices.

If you didn’t root your phone, we suggest installing one more useful application from the Google Play Store. Here is an easy guide for you:

  • find in the Google Play some apps that remove the lock screen;
  • download and install it on the phone;
  • open the app to customize the device.

The button will no longer appear, same as your old lock screen, and you’ll get the opportunity to set up new wallpapers and choose the info, which will be displayed on the new lock screen. You can use one of the most popular applications to get the proper result. Don’t forget to grant the app all the necessary permissions. Usually, such applications have a bit more features than just removing the lock screen, explore its functionality to personalize your device.

However, if you are one of those guys who like to tweak the phone, we have a simple method to remove Emergency call from lock screen for you as well. This method will work on rooted devices only. So, if your gadget is still non-rooted use the previous advice. If you’ve rooted the phone, you might already installed Xposed app. If you don’t have it, install it right now. You are going to need one of the application modules to turn off Emergency call on the device.

  • Move to “Download” section of the app.
  • Pick and download the proper module, Tweackbox, for example.
  • Enable the module after installing and tap the Hide Emergency checkbox in the settings.

You can also pick the other module, but the steps will be the same.

Now you know how to turn off Emergency call on two types of devices. After installing offered apps, the button will no longer appear on the lock screen. However, you should keep in mind that in case of emergency you’ll have to unlock the device (enter a password or a pin) and make a call as usual.