How to Use Emoji on Different Samsung Mobile Phones

How to Use Emoji on Different Samsung Mobile Phones


Emojis for android are great.They help to make text messages more emotional and fun, add bright colors to your language. Emoji for Samsung are constantly changing, new images appear almost every day and it is so interesting to find new cute signs that will make your language richer.

Not all Android phones support the latest emoticons. If you wish to enjoy Samsung keyboards with emojis , then read how to get the best smileys on a phone.

How to Get the Newest Smileys on Android Device?

  • For old mobile devices.

If you own a phone with Androidearlier than 4.1, then you will not be able to use emoticons.If you have a great wish to use emoji, then it is necessary to download a special keyboard application.People, who are not crazy about using different cute faces in their text messages, may communicate by Viber , Facbook or WhatsApp, they all have their emoticons.

  • New Android phones.

Owners of new Android phones can be calm, their devices support a lot of emoji, but they can have some problems with seeing smileys from IPhone users. If there are no emoticons on a keyboard of your mobile phone, then it is possible to turn them on. Just follow instructions: Settings-Input and language-choose Google Keyboard-Preferences-turn on an emoji option

  • One of the easiest and fastest ways to get emoticons on mobile phone is to download special applications. It is possible to find Emoji Keyboard for Galaxy S8 or Free Samsung Galaxy Emoji, that will work for such devices as Samsumg Note 7, S7,Galaxy S8 , J7, Nokia and Lenovo.

Emojis for samsung galaxy note 3

There is no need to look for special applications and to install a particular keyboard, if you have Galaxy Note3. Just follow next instructions:

  • Tap on a text field
  • You will see a keyboard
  • Look for the icon of microphone
  • Press a microphone button, you will see a layer with Keyboard options.
  • Tap on the icon and enjoy keyboard of the best emoji. Here you will find not only smileys, but other figures and symbols. Emoji keyboard for Samsung galaxy is easy to use and really fun.

Emoji samsung galaxy s5

To use emoticons on Galaxy S5, follow such steps:

  • Find sms application
  • Create a new conversation
  • A keyboard will open and you will see a smiley icon in the left side of a screen
  • Emoji keyboard will appear and you can choose any smileys you like from the list
  • To return to the standard keyboard simply tap one more time a smiley icon.

To find emoji keyboard for samsung galaxy s3, make the same steps as users of Galaxy S5.

Samsung emoji update is easy and you can continue enjoying sending text messages to your friends and family.