Kids Mode App by Samsung: a Huge World of Adventures

Kids Mode App by Samsung: a Huge World of Adventures


It is really difficult to imagine the modern world without various gadgets. People spend hours every day, looking for necessary content, watching films and listening to music. Children are not an exception. They are also interested in the digital world. Modern kids know how to use parent’s mobile devices and tablets.It is not really safe to allow kids to surf the net without your control. In order to solve this problem, some developers created special applications for kids. Kids mode app is one of such useful and interesting applications that will guarantee safety while surfing the web. It was created by Samsung company.

Samsung kid’s mode became really popular because it has a lot of advantages.

Advantages of kids mode

  • It is fun. An application is really fun and will introduce your child to many cute heroes and their accessories. Your kid will definitely find a new friend and will gladly sing songs and dance together.A thrilling and exciting world of adventures is waiting, just download kids mode app. Samsung kids mode download is really fast and easy, just visit Google Play.
  • It is safe. Kids mode by Samsung is a safe application. It guarantees that your child will not get an access to harmful sites or sites with dangerous content. Just use a pin code lock. More than that, parents can limit amount of time, children spend in the net. Parental control feature will help to do it.
  • It is diverse. Children will find a lot of interesting and fun content thanks to an application. Play and learn, discovering a lot of interesting topics and opening new horizons.

Cute kids mode characters that will conquer heart of any child.

  • Croco. He is a real fan of fashion and likes to change clothes. Can a child help him to do it? He is also a great fan of architecture, so it will be fun to build a house together.
  • Bobby is a happy pink beaver. He is interested in drawing and leads a healthy way of life. Will you brush teeth and take a shower together?
  • Lisa. She is a talented singer and dancer. Make friends with her and you will never be bored.
  • Cooki. Is a cute and fun hero who is a real fan of eating pink doughnuts.

Samsung kids mode can be used not only on your Smartphone, but on other devices. It can be also used on a tablet.Samsung tablet kids mode will be really safe for your child and will allow drawing, watching movies and use different applications.If this useful application is not installed on the tablet, it is easy to download it.

Samsung galaxy S5 kids mode

Samsung Galaxy s5 kids mode will be a great parental control and will limit some functions, when children are using your mobile device.Galaxy s5 kids mode contains five interesting applications like drawing, camera, karaoke app, video playback and picture gallery app. Samsung galaxy s5 kids mode also includes Kids Store that will help to choose the best clothes for your child.