Kies and Why Do You Need It

Kies and Why Do You Need It


What is Kies? Samsung kies is software developed to connect Samsung smartphones, tablets and Windows or Mac computer with the help of USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Kies Samsung helps to send messages, important information, contacts, photos and other files from the mobile device to PC.

Why do you need Kies:

  • Provides constant modernization of mobile phone or tablet thanks to regular updating
  • Synchronizes information on personal computer and Smartphone
  • Controls multimedia files ( music, photos, video and so on)
  • Forms list of necessary programs for downloading
  • Regular updating of OS and useful applications
  • Easy search of software by keywords
  • Function of reserve copying of data

Samsung kies will support Smartphones that work on Android starting from 2.3.x to 4.2.x, if your Smartphone has Jelly Bean Android 4.3.x, then use Samsung kies 3. If you own any model of Galaxy device there is a possibility to use both Kies and Kies 3. Kies 3 is a newer version and it is recommended for older mobile phones.

Differences between Kies and Kies 3 for OS Windows

  1. Kies 3 perfectly works for computers with such OS as Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8, Vista. The recommended Ram is 512 MB, HDD space 200 MB minimum, screen resolution 1024 per 768,32 bit or more.
  2. Kies suits for computers with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8. CPU Intel core 2 Duo GHz or above, recommended RAM 1GB, HDD space 500 MB minimum, screen resolution 1024 per 768,32 bit or more.

It is possible to synchronize not only smartphone and PC, but other devices like MP3 players and digital cameras.

Kies has a user-friendly interface that helps to play music and to look through photos, which are on computer or another device, helps to exchange data with friends and to post files in the internet.

Samsung Kies download is really easy, fast and there is no need to pay to install it on a device. It is absolutely free software, so simply find it in the net.

Kies has two versions, Lite and full one. Lite version is used for updating of OS on some mobile devices. The full Kies software can be loaded from the global center of Samsung downloads or from web pages of tech support of some mobile devices on a web site of the company manufacturer.

Kies for Samsung is an important tool and a great choice for any user of mobile device that operates on Android.