New Features of Samsung Always On Display App

New Features of Samsung Always On Display App


elling the truth, always on display is not a new function that has invented and added to smartphone recently. First, it appeared in one of the old Nokia phone models more than ten years ago. However, the Korean Company upgraded and developed the idea of showing date and time on the screen while the handset is on standby. The new app gives an opportunity to interact with other phone applications without turning it on.

The developers claim always on app meets two main user’s needs: the ability to check important information quickly and to differentiate themselves from other phone owners. One of the greatest problems that needed to be solved during the development was power consumption. Everybody knows that in a modern world the battery life of a gadget is extremely important. So the company needed to invent a completely new way to get rid of everyday recharging. That is why the development of the mentioned App has taken about 3 years.

The application is built into new Samsung phones. However, there is an always on download page in Google Play, so almost everyone can try it.

Useful AOD Functions

Samsung always on app gives an opportunity to check all necessary information, such as time, date or even your schedule. Not so long ago the functions of an application were limited. The users just could customize the clock, calendar and some notifications. Now you can:

  • pick the clock type: digital, analogue, world or edge clock;
  • choose the clock design (color and background wallpaper);
  • set the calendar;
  • apply any image as wallpaper while the phone is on standby;
  • receive notifications from other applications, that concern missed calls or received messages as well as battery level;
  • manage the media player – listen to music;
  • pin to AOD screen some texts or images you need to remember;
  • pin your schedule to have it at hand;
  • download and apply AOD themes.

What is more, you can set the active time of the app. This means all the information will be shown only in a specified period. For example, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. during your working day. The tests show that energy consumption of the application is very low. It takes less than 15% of the battery level. Nevertheless, the battery life of the device varies depending on the information that users want to check via the AOD. The display uses less power when it shows clock and calendar only while a colorful image added as wallpaper will consume a little bit more energy. In addition, thanks to special sensors the AOD can be automatically disabled when the phone is in a pocket or bag, so users can’t see the screen.

The Always On Display is a useful application which allows checking important information even when the phone is on standby. It helps to control other applications as well as receive notifications and even answer messages quickly. Besides, you can personalize your smartphone using all the apps settings and features.