Problems with Phone Speaker and How to Fix Them

Problems with Phone Speaker and How to Fix Them


It is impossible to imagine a modern world without Smartphones and other devices. People got used to listening to music, watching videos and talking to their friends. Sometimes, it happens, that phone speaker not working.Say no to panic and start searching for some reasons.

Guide How to Fix Phone Speaker.

  1. Turn off your mobile device and leave it to dry. The problem can be in the excessive moisture that causes static and can be a reason of speaker problems.
  2. If you hear echoes, while talking to somebody, it can be a problem with the connection. Stop talking and try to repeat a call, echoes will have to disappear.
  3. Go to Menu and select Options, find out audio information. Select a speaker Option and increase volume on your mobile device.

Sometimes, it happens that problems with speakers are caused by too much dirt inside. If you don’t know how to clean phone speaker, follow next instructions.

  • See if there is any dirt, blocking a speaker on a phone.
  • To clean speakers, forget about such devices as toothpicks or needles, they may be really harmful.
  • It is possible to use Q-tips for safe and careful cleaning.

Problems with speaker can be caused by some applications. Check all installed applications and if you find out that they are a reason then update them or remove and download one more time.

Some serious problems with speakers may need a telephone reset. It is rather simple to do it at home, just find some instructions in the internet. If your phone is less than one year and there are no signs of liquid and physical damages, then your phone will be repaired for free by a warranty claim.

If your device is older than one year, then it is possible to change a speaker. It is quite simple to do it, just order internal speaker, an average price will be about 10-15 USD, install it, with the help of all necessary tools and enjoy using your Smartphone. There are no doubts that it is cheaper to change a speaker, than to buy a new device.

Another variant is to bring a phone to a repairs shop, if you have doubts about own repairing skills.