​S Translator

​S Translator


Modern life means interaction with people from all over the world. Sometimes, this communication can be quite difficult because of different languages, it can lead to some misunderstandings. In order to avoid it and to understand people from other countries, you definitely need a good translator. S Translator is a new program that works as your personal interpreter; it can understand more than 10 languages and their dialects. It is possible to get interpretation of such languages as: Chinese, French, English (USA), Portuguese, English (Great Britain), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

It is very comfortable to use the program for your office and home needs. You can download the S Translator application for free and use it on your mobile device. It can be used not only separately, but while writing text messages.

If you are a lucky owner of Smartphone Galaxy S4, then this program is installed on your device. So, you can use galaxy S Translator, any time you need.

Follow next instructions to translate the text with the help of S translator apk.

  • Choose an icon S Translator
  • To use a program, you have to have a Samsung account and fast internet. So, make sure that there is a Wi-Fi connection or use your mobile internet.
  • You will get the working window of program, after the process of authorization in the Samsung account. Now you can translate a word or a phrase. The language of translation has to be different from the language of original text.
  • After choosing a definite language, press – translate the text.
  • There is also an option “speak” in the program, it is possible to use it to hear the translated word or phrase. Just press a speech button. When you are using the program the first time, a phone may ask to download some voice files of the high quality. In order to continue, press OK.
  • Program allows to save the translation, to do it, touch the star (favorite icon) that is situated at the top of the screen. There is also a Share icon on the screen; it allows sharing the translated variant with some other applications.
  • To get some additional options, just find More Options. They will include: Auto readout, TTS readout speed, history and favorites, where you will be able to save some important translations.

To download Samsung s translator, go to the Galaxy Application store. It is free to get this interpretation program. Another way to download the program is to go to galaxy essentials (to do it, tap widget-Galaxy essentials on the home screen).