Samsung Gear Fit Manager: Touch the Future

Samsung Gear Fit Manager: Touch the Future


There is a great number of important devices that can be used in everyday life for different purposes. The smartwatch and fitness bracelet are in the list of must-have gadgets. If you live an active life, you really need these things. However, Samsung offers the two-in-one device. The Samsung Gear Fit is a special bracelet with a touchscreen that allows controlling the phone, showing health information and providing many other useful functions.

The gear fit manager is an application that allows setting up fitness tracker and using it properly. Make three simple steps to pair your phone with a new gadget.

Gear Fit Manager: Download and Start Using It Right Now

The gear manager has a user-friendly interface, which makes using the app very simple and comfortable. It can be easily found on the Samsung app website. Another way is to open Samsung apps page on the phone and download it. The gear manager download page is available for anyone but the app is compatible with Samsung devises only. Once the app is downloaded, open it, click “Next” to proceed and finish the installation. So now, samsung gear manager is installed and ready for use.

The next step is to connect the Gear Fit with a phone through samsung gear manager app. Enable Bluetooth on the phone and search for a new device. After receiving a Bluetooth pairing request make sure the passkeys are the same on both gadgets and then accept it.

Now, when your phone and the Gear fit are paired, you can apply any settings and use all the functions of the bracelet. By the way, if you are the Galaxy owner the algorithm of pairing will be a little different. You'll need to open the galaxy gear manager first, and then select the bracelet to connect it with your gadget. After confirmation on both devices, accept terms and conditions, and select the arm you are going to wear the bracelet.

The application gives a number of options, such as:

  • software updates;
  • clock and wallpaper settings;
  • health information and settings;
  • different notifications and their settings, etc.

The fitness tracker would be useful for those who are fond of sports and want to know everything about pulse and quantity of steps. Using this app, you can easily measure the activity during the day and even count the burnt calories. It’ll become your personal coach that is ready to give you a signal to stop or slow down, if you’re going to fast or to do the exercise faster, if your activity is too low. You’ll get this advice as soon as the app measures and analyses your health information.

Summing it up, Gear Fit Manager is a useful application that can be downloaded and installed on a phone or a tablet. It’ll help to control the Gear Fit and set it up properly. Explore the app and enjoy its features that might become extremely important for active users.