Smart View from Samsung: Connect Your Devices

Smart View from Samsung: Connect Your Devices


Samsung smart view- is a really useful tool for owners of smart TV that allows to control it and to view various multimedia files from Smartphone that works on Android.

You will be able to send photographs, video files and music from the mobile phone to TV. More than that, program has a function of remote control of your Smart TV from Samsung. An owner can control sound, change channels, make pauses and even to use a touch pad to control TVs that were produced in 2016 and up. There is a possibility to make own playlists, in order to look through favorite media files.

How to use smart view

  • The first step is to download Smart View on a mobile device.
  • Then open an application and tap- Connect to TV.
  • Choose a model of TV. Make sure that your TV is working and is connected to Wi-Fi. Both TV and mobile device have to use the same Wi-Fi.
  • Find a button Allow on a screen of TV.
  • When devices are successfully connected, choose necessary content from your Smartphone or tablet to watch it on a big screen of TV.

Samsung Smart Viewer features

  • Easy and user-friendly interface that unites devices.
  • Provides access to best applications on Smartphone not interrupting TVs playback
  • Remote that has a new design
  • Allows turning on TV when it is in Standby mode. Remember, it is necessary to have Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

Models of Samsung TVs that support Smart view: 2012-LED ES 7500 and up, PDP 800, 2014-H4500,5500 and up, 2015-J5500, 2016-K 4300 and K5300, 2017-ULS003 U.

Pay attention that models of TV that support smart view may vary due to the region.

If you have an Apple device, then it is recommended to choose Samsung Smart view for IOS. There is a version for Windows that will help to control TV from a personal computer.

Samsung smart view 2.0 will work with TVs that were produced in 2014 and up. Mobile devices that support smart view 2.0 are Galaxy phones, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, iPads and iPhones. This tool will transform your mobile phone or computer into the small TV.

Dual view regime allows watching favorite programs or movies on the screen of Smartphone or computer.

Bluetooth power can switch on and off TV using mobile phone.

Smartphone transforms into the remote control from a Smart TV or into the game control. It is so easy and comfortable to play games on TV now.

Samsung smart view 2.0 download

If you wish to download an application, then go to Google Play, App store or Samsung Galaxy App.

Samsung smart view 2.0 app is a great choice for people, who wish to enjoy the brightest moments in a big company!