Some Reasons of Phones Freezing and How to Prevent It

Some Reasons of Phones Freezing and How to Prevent It


Smartphones help to fulfill many important tasks, they are not only means of communication, but allow users to have an access to necessary information 24 hours a day. It is really unpleasant when phone keeps freezing.It can cause frustration and reduce productivity.

Some Reasons of Phones Freezing:

  • Several applications, working at the same time
  • Saving too much data in a phones memory
  • Too many undeleted log files and cashes
  • Installing a lot of app
  • Full RAM

If you wish to know how to stop a phone from freezing, read a following guide.

  • The first variant is to charge a mobile device. Maybe, a problem is in a low battery, so charge your device for about five minutes and then try to use it again. Check if a charger and a wall outlet are ok. If there is no indication of charging on a screen, try to use another charger. It is recommended to use accessories of the same brand as your phone.
  • Power down. Try to turn off your mobile phone for several seconds and then turn it on again. If you have an Android device, just hold a power button until you see a dark screen.

  • One more way to fight with freezing is to remove a battery. It can help, when phone doesn’t react on other buttons and you can’t turn it off. Owners of Android phones have to remove a phones back cover and to take a battery. Fans of Apple devices will not be able to do it easily. There is no access to a phones battery. Just try to turn off a device, by pressing power button for about five seconds.
  • Try to restart a phone. If you often hear from friends-my phone keeps freezing, advise them to restart it. To do it on Android device just hold buttons Power and Volume Down for five seconds. If it doesn’t work, try combination- Power+ Volume Up.
  • Factory reset. To get rid of freezing of mobile device, use factory reset. Note, that all your personal data like photos, text messages, songs and videos will be deleted while resetting.

A phone will be like a new device after a factory reset and you can continue using it without any problems.

Sometimes it happens that a phone starts freezing when you are using an application. If you know what App causes such a problem, the best way will be to remove it.

To prevent Samsung Galaxy freezing try to reboot your device or run in a Safe Mode. To Run Galaxy mobile phone in a Safe Mode follow such steps:

  • Turn off a phone
  • Press Power Key
  • When you mention “ Samsung Galaxy” on a screen, don’t touch a Power Key, just hold button – Volume down
  • Keep holding it, until phones completes its restart
  • There should be written- Safe Mode in a left screen corner, it means that you have to release Volume Down button

To prevent problem of phones freezing follow some tips:

  1. Never download too heavy applications
  2. Try not to perform many tasks while surfing net
  3. Regularly remove unimportant and unnecessary files
  4. Update Smartphones software
  5. Install applications on memory card, not in internal phones memory

Follow these tips and forget about a phones freezing!