Some Reasons of WiFi Authentication Problem and Ways to Get Rid of it

Some Reasons of WiFi Authentication Problem and Ways to Get Rid of it


We got used to search an internet everywhere, at home, at work, in a café and even in a car.

Wifi authentication problem is not a rare thing and it is really unpleasant when a Smartphone or a tablet cannot connect to an internet.

Authentication problem means that it is impossible to connect to WiFi, though you know a password.

Some reasons of authentication problem.

  • Wrong parole
  • Check if Wi-Fi is on
  • Airplane mode is on
  • Phone can’t find networks
  • Smartphone connects to Wi-Fi, but there is no internet

Remember that a parole has to be reliable and quite complicated. Use capital letters, numbers, while creating it. Even a simple mistake in a password can cause authentication problem in wifi.

It may sound a little bit silly, but check if your Wi-Fi is working. Turn it on, if you mentioned that it is off.

All modern Smartphones have Airplane mode that can be the reason of authentication problem. Check if it is off on your mobile device.

Sometimes it happens that a smart phone can’t find networks. If there are other devices, find out if they see available networks. When it is a problem in a router, it will be reasonable to disconnect it for several minutes and to start again.

At first, restart a router or modem. If there is still a problem, turn off your mobile device and make one more attempt, after turning it on.

How to fix authentication problem?

There are some ways how to get rid of this unpleasant problem. Let’s look at the most common ways.

  1. Reboot a Router
  2. Go to Settings on a mobile device and select Wi-Fi. Find a network you are going to connect to, tap SSID or name. A menu appears on a screen. Select – forget network. Make one more attempt to connect to Wi-Fi and provide a correct password. There should not be any problems with the authentication, enjoy using an internet.
  3. One more way to get rid of authentication problem, just go to Settings and choose WiFi. Tap a desired connection, then select modify network configuration or there can be written modify network connection. Choose a box- Show advanced options and make IP settings- Static.You will see an IP address frame. Tap and save necessary information there.

There may be some technical problems with a Router, so turn off a device for five minutes and then to try using it again.